Software publisher.

EasyKost is a software and data publishing company
that specializes in cost estimating
and product design data exploration and analysis.

EasyKost DNA

Combine should-costing expertise with software expertise.

The founders of easyKost have more than 20 years of experience in management, should-cost expert models and software publishing.

The creation of the easyKost company, and of its main software of the same name, was prompted by the need to develop a simpler, less time-consuming approach than the use of should-cost models.

Our software, our data and our services democratize and simplify cost estimating to allow businesses to design at the right price, improve their time-to-market and to boost purchasing performance.

Aside from software creation and distribution, the easyKost company also manufactures and creates value added data that make it possible to enrich company-specific information in order to achieve a better definition of its products/services.