Date: 06/04/2020

Location: U.S - Online Webinar



On June 4th at 12:00 pm CDT, we organize a Webinar presenting our Machine Learning approach applied to Costing and Procurement Savings. We will set out the results of a recent project that was carried out for an industrial player in the United States. Using Easy-Kost modeling capabilities we were able to boost purchasing gains and negotiation capabilities. The method is relevant for direct and indirect costs.


12:05 to 12:10: Introduction
12.10 to 12:25: Machine Learning applied to modeling / cost optimization Methodology
12.25 to 12:45: Case Study around the Industrial sector
12:45 to 12:50: KEPLER / EasyKost presentation
12.50 to 1.00PM : Q&A


KEPLER is a consultancy firm with an international dimension РChicago, Paris, Shanghai and Chennai Рspecialized in the optimization of the operating margin through 4 areas of expertise: Innovation, Purchasing, Supply-Chain and Operations. EasyKost is a publisher of cost estimation and modeling software based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

KEPLER and EasyKost have developed an innovative approach using costing software technology to quickly identify and capture purchasing gains within your main categories (direct and indirect). The artificial intelligence algorithms applied to your data make it possible to identify and maximize the savings opportunities through renegotiation of suppliers, reallocation of volumes or even standardization / technical optimization.